Pictures from the past

The Neighbourhood has seen a lot of changes over the years.  Trees have grown, kids have grown, houses have been added,  schools have been built and expanded.  While this area looks like it has been here forever it was once not so long ago the Brubacher farm.


Photo courtesy of Jean MacPhail


Photo courtesy of Jean MacPhail


201 weber st E George Kropf

201 weber st E George Kropf


Photo courtesy of Jean MacPhail


250morph1sm250 Simeon st circa 1950’s

250morph7sm250 Simeon st Spring 2002

Photo courtesy of Joe Pavia.





Photos courtesy of Jean MacPhail



Simeon st & stirling st 1931. View from what is now Weber st.

Photo courtesy of JOHN & Jean Brubacher



Construction of the Holy Cross Lutheran Church in 1949. Corner of Stirling st. and East Av.


Groundbreaking Ceremony , May 29th 1949



invitation holy cross

Ground breaking Service, Holy Cross Parish Hall. Nov 27th, circa 1949

invitation holy cross 1

construction Holy Cross 4 construction Holy Cross 8 construction Holy Cross 5



construction Holy Cross 12



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