Your neighbourhood Gastropub is here!

by Markus Philipp

Your neighbourhood Gastropub is here!


Get ready for a new food and drink experience! Gastropub No. 29 is a unique pub-bistro blend, where handcrafted classics, reinvented pub fare and craft beer meet a warm, casual atmosphere. Sounds awesome, right? It gets better. Gastropub No. 29 is a place for you to recharge, share the evening with someone special, fuel the family and talk hockey – before or after the game. Is there a better place to kick back and relax? We don’t think so. So stop by, and see for yourself.

Lunch & Dinner
Tuesday – Sunday
120 Ottawa St. N.

Savour the date. We can’t wait to see you there!

PS. Want to get the latest Gastropub No. 29 news? Be sure to add to your address book.

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