WADDLEFEST postponed. Porch Party September 14th

 Dear ANA Neighbours — we provide you with a mid-summer update!
The ANA had hopes to celebrate the amelioration of Knollwood Park at another annual Waddlefest this summer.  However, some delay has become inevitable as necessary upgrades and repairs to Stirling Avenue and side streets continue and because the bid process and imminent construction of Knollwood Park’s crown jewel, the Pavilion, is now unfolding.   Until August 15, 2014, interested parties may respond to the Bid/Tender opportunity posted now on the City of Kitchener’s website to supply all labour, equipment and materials as per specifications and drawings for the park’s pavilion.   As many of you know, the ANA has worked closely with the City of Kitchener since the latter’s 2011 proposal to tear down the old Club (hydro) house at East and Stirling Avenues, a demolition which occurred in 2012.  Now after some three years of neighbourhood consultations, fundraising and much participation, things are shaping up beautifully and we are poised to see a new skyline across Knollwood soon once the centrally placed pavilion is up.
This summer, the ANA was also able to secure a further $2000 grant from the City of Kitchener after successfully submitting a proposal to their Safe and Healthy Community Advisory Committee for a message or notice board for Knollwood Park.  While many ANA residents are apprised of new events through email, the ANA website or ANA Facebook page, there remains a vital constituency of our neighbourhood, who are not connected.   To be placed at a prominent point along the new Knollwood path, the message board will become another spot where our bikers and walkers can stop and check for ANA news.   The ANA aims to acquire and see such board erected along with or shortly on the heels of the Stirling construction clean up this fall.
Given the above, Waddlefest will not occur until either the mid-fall or even spring 2015 when we are able to enjoy a safe and more settled venue for this neighbourhood celebration.   It’ll be much more inviting to waddle through finished streets and catch up at the new meeting spot than to navigate treacherous terraine!
All this said, the great grassroots musical Porch Party planning has gotten underway for September 14th.   Many of you have already received Wayne Moffat’s recent solicitation by email, so ‘if you think you’ve got talent,’ please send him an email before August 22nd at wayne_moffat@rogers.com and set aside that date to participate in making or taking in some great vibes and meet your neighbours.  More details will follow in upcoming weeks from Wayne and his cohorts.
Lastly, some younger ANA members have expressed an interest in starting a neighbourhood book club this fall, to be hosted by any person having a ‘good read’ suggestion and a willingness to organize and/or host the meetings.   If your young reader has an interest in suggesting and hosting a book discussion, send the ANA the title, the dates and the venue, and we will post it.   We are reminded of the sage words of Dr. Seuss, “The more that you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” or those of Horace Mann, “Resolve to edge in a little reading every day, if it is but a single sentence. If you gain fifteen minutes a day, it will make itself felt at the end of the year.”
These are just some highlights of the ongoing ruminations, culminations and implementations in our ANA neighbourhood.  And while much that is heralded here seems to be ‘behind the scenes’ activity, it is utterly necessary and foundational for future ANA activities and a thriving neighbourhood.   We appreciate everyone’s patience, input and enthusiasm to build one more vibrant corner in good old K-W.    Stay tuned! Melanie Toolsie ANA President

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