Incidents in the Neighbourhood

Dear Residents of the Auditorium Neighbourhood,

Regrettably, we advise that again two cars were looted in the past days in the neighbourhood.   The first was near to Simeon and Krug and the other was near to the corner of Simeon and Pandora.  An empty computer bag was taken from one of them.

Since the past summer, when similar events occurred, more police presence was requested and provided to our area, including officers doing bike patrol through the neighbourhood.   However, the tenacity of the wrongdoers continues to abound, so please remain alert,  communicative with your neighbours and mindful to always take valuables with you.   Please be reminded not to leave any bags, purses, I-Pads, briefcases, or anything valuable or appearing valuable on the seats in plain view of persons who may pass by parked vehicles.  As well, we remind of the following:

1. it is important to report every incident to the police. You can do this one one of two ways: 

2. Finally, you can read about tips to help prevent break-ins by by referring to the ANA’s web page found at:

And read further police tips at:

Thank you to those who have passed along this information to the ANA in such a timely manner.

Melanie Toolsie
ANA, President


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