NEIGHBOURS DAY, SOCCER EVENT Saturday June 13th 9:30 am


Neighbours Day” Soccer Event

The City of Kitchener has declared Saturday June 13 as Neighbours Day.

We’re celebrating by joining together with 2 other Ward 10 neighbourhood soccer programs for a special morning of soccer.

Saturday June 13                
Knollwood Park soccer field (behind Sheppard School)

Registration: 9:30 am

Soccer/Games: 10 am to Noon 

Kids 4 & under:  They will be divided into groups  that will circulate between stations with different games.  We’ll switch after about 15 – 20 minutes and keep going as long as the kids are interested in participating (or noon if they last that long!)

Kids 5 – 7 / Kids 8 & Up: They will be divided into teams as they arrive. The plan is for each team to have a mix kids from different neighbourhoods. If we have enough kids, each team will play 2 or 3 games against different teams. If we have a smaller group, we’ll have a longer game with an intermission.

Please wear your neighbourhood soccer shirt! Bring your own ball so that we can do some warm up drills.

We’re also looking for some families to volunteer with:
– running the games
– supplying “soccer oranges” or possibly other “school-friendly” snacks (i.e. no nuts).


ANA Team

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